Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question answered below, please contact us.


What are the lesson rates?

Weekly lesson rates start at $30. Depending on the student’s age and ability, lessons range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

What is the lesson availability?

2019/2020 lessons are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays in Rapid City and Wednesdays in Spearfish. Please contact us for availability.

Is there a studio policy?

Yes, please contact us to request the policy.

How do I schedule my first lesson?

Please call or email us to schedule your consultation free of charge. We will meet with you and your child to determine what you will need for lessons as well as discuss any special circumstances/accommodations to ensure a positive and enriching learning experience. 

When should my child start playing violin?

Your child may start lessons as early as 3 years old, however, we recommend waiting until the child is at least 5 years old, as this gives them the maturity, coordination, and fine motor skills to progress more quickly while still gaining the neurological benefits of learning an instrument at a young age. 

Where should I get my instrument?

If you are interested in renting locally, Haggerty's Musicworks offers a good selection of rental instruments. Other online rental/buying options include SharMusic and JohnsonString. We encourage parents not to rent/purchase instruments without first consulting the teacher.

What sort of commitment is expected from the parents?

  1. We strongly recommend all students under the age of 14 to be accompanied by their parents to all lessons.

  2. As young students are not always self-motivated, we ask that parents set a schedule for their child that includes daily practice as part of their everyday routine. The student's practice can be divided into 2 or 3 shorter time blocks in order to have the student practice more without losing focus (eg. before breakfast, after school, or before dinner)

What is the typical length for private lessons?

  1. All lessons are held weekly and depend on the age and level of the student. Having regular weekly lessons sets the student up for success, simultaneously building responsibility, accountability, and discipline. Missing lessons leads to frustration and learning gaps on the student's part and is detrimental to their overall enthusiasm and commitment to learning.

  2. For beginning students, we find that 30 minutes is adequate for providing them with a solid foundation. However, as they progress, parents should expect the lesson duration to increase to a minimum of 45 minutes. For some students, we find that 2 shorter lessons per week is the most beneficial. (See the expected lesson length timetable below*)

    1. In the first 6-12 Months: 30/45 min

    2. 1st-2nd Year: 45/60 min

    3. 3rd-4th Year: 60/75 min

    4. Advanced students: 60-90 min

*Lesson length recommendations may vary based on what your teacher believes to be in the best interest of the child.

Are there performance opportunities for my child?

Absolutely, performance opportunities are vital to the the students’ success and comfort with their instrument. All students with concert-ready repertoire will have opportunities to perform through the Black Hills Music Teachers Association concerts as well as outreach concerts scheduled by the Professional Violin Studio. Two Studio Performance Classes will be held throughout the year with opportunities to make music with their peers as well as perform with piano accompaniment. Attendance at studio-organized events is expected from all students.

Where are the lessons held?

Lessons and studio performance classes are held at our beautiful home studio in Southwest Rapid City or at the Black Hills State University's Meier Hall.